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 Basket basic

[1] Step apart under tension.

[2] Pull the lady into your right hand side by raising your left arm, turning her 180 ACW under it. She should be facing the same direction as you and keep your left arm still high at this point.

[3] Step back together (slightly twisting her CW, lowering your left arm (lady steps back right behind left, man left behind right to be symmetrical).

[4] Step forward together (slightly twisting her ACW).

[5] Raise you left arm and turn her 180 CW to face.

[6] Step apart under tension.

[7] Step together, let go with your right, and return her ACW 360 to face.

[8] Step apart under tension.

[Note] When she is by your side, it is important to remember to a) step back b) step forward THEN c) turn her out. A common fault is to combine steps b and c together. I recommend that the lady starts this move by being back on her right foot on 1, then it is simply a matter of stepping through the move to be on the right foot to step right behind left.

Move identity number 529 Difficulty (5 max)